Launch with WWCC Engineering Physics class

  • Hydrogen (close to 200 cf)
  • 800 g balloon
  • Pod 1
    • Small design
    • One APRS system
    • One downward GoPro Hero3 camera with extended battery
    • 788 g mass
  • Pod 2
    • Small design
    • SPOT
    • 2 side-facing GoPro camera with extended batteries
    • 591 g mass
  • Total mass ~2718 g
  • Launch 8:15 am
  • Burst 9:51 am (97 min, 20 ascent)
  • Tumbled for 81 sec before stable descent
  • Landing 11:10 am (78 min descent)

Balloon Launch

Balloon Launch

Communication devices were received. Balloon was filled. Cameras were turned on. Boxes were closed. Normal launch with five students and two children. Overfilled balloon so ascent was rapid. SPOT did not work once it was in the box probably due to the aluminum tape being used. APRS stopped working at 34000 ft. We drove to Pomoroy hoping to receive a signal. No luck. Returned to Walla Walla dejected. Took an airplane to area. Received a signal in the air with a 14:25 timestamp at 34000 feet just west of the Snake River northeast of Pomeroy. Circled area but did not find balloon. Returned to Walla Walla dejected. Took another airplane to the same area but no luck. Continued northeast and picked up APRS signal. Identified balloon from the air. Landed at Pullman, borrowed a car and recovered. Drove back to airport and returned to Walla Walla elated.