Launch and recovery successful.

  • 1200 g balloon, aprs, SPOT, Hero3 GoPro with external battery & 64GB card.
  • No handwarmers.
  • Hydrogen
  • Launch at Martin Field, College Place, WA (46.04717 N, 118.41467 W) at 12:30:30pm PDT
  • Land 3 miles east of Starbuck, WA (46.51011 N, 118.05074 W) at 3:33 pm PDT
  • Maximum altitude: 110,443 feet (33663 m) This is a new record for us.
  • Thank you Rawhide in Starbuck for your WiFi.
  • Saw last couple of minutes of the descent of the balloon.

Our snafu on this flight was that we did not put enough lifting gas in the balloon at first so the pod skidded along the ground on our first attemped for launch. This was due to a lack of employing a method to gauge bouyancy. 


Ascent and Descent rates.