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Launch Details-

Before balloon was brought out, we laid out the tarp and prepped the helium tank to prepare the launch zone.

We made sure fresh batteries were put in all electronic gear.

Brought balloon out and laid it on the tarp, untangled any lines that were tangled. Any people who handled the balloon wore latex gloves to prevent contamination of the balloon.

Began filling balloon, but had no pressure gauge, so we didn't know exactly how much.

Prepped electronics pod and made sure we had a GPS lock on all tracking gear.

Turned on camera and sealed camera pod.

Tried to launch balloon but couldn’t get enough lift due to weight miscalculations.

Cut camera pod off to reduce weight.

Launched again and were successful.

Next time the launch could be a little more organized. A checklist was proposed by several students which was a widely accepted idea for launch #2

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