Both of our launches this year went surprisingly well, but we did have some problems that a prelaunch checklist could have helped us avoid. This page is meant to help avoid those problems and streamline things for future launches.

1. Make sure anyone handling the balloon is wearing gloves.

2. Check to make sure that all tracking systems are working properly before launch.

3. Make sure all data collecting tools are working correctly before launch, and set to the correct data sampling rate.

4. If a camara will be taking pictures during the flight, check to make sure it is set to the proper resolution and taking the pictures at the correct rate.

5. Remember to put handwarmers by all electronic equipment to keep it warm.

6. Untangle the lines of the parachute before launch. On previous flights we had a descent that was faster than desired because the lines got twisted.

7. Before filling the balloon with helium make sure that it is properly secured so that it doesn't fly away before we want it to.