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With launching the balloon, recovery is a large part of project. In recovery the balloon would have one or more vehicles tracking the balloon get coordinates of where it may and using a map of a predicted land area. Once the balloon has popped and falls the that point of sight the recovery team will hopefully be in the area of the balloon to watch it land and get a good estimate of where it touched down. In case of the balloon recovery happening after the sun goes down jackets and flashlights would be very helpful. The cargo of the balloon will have a strobe light on it to help the spotting the balloon once it has landed. Recovery of the balloon may take many hours depending on how far from any road it may land or if it was/wasn't seen landing.

The recovery of our launch went very well. We were able to watch the balloon as it came down from about 1500feet. We were on a gravel road watching the balloon on the computer when it was spotted and landed in a farm field about 3/4 of a mile from the road. When we opened the box everything inside was still functioning as expected. The hand warmers were still warm to the touch inside and the batteries had plenty of power.